Skype and iSkoot sign mobile phone deal

10 August 2006

Skype will help market an application that will put contact lists and VoIP (voice over internet protocol) and instant
messaging services on high-end mobile phones.

The program, called iSkoot, will allow users to have the same Skype features on a mobile phone as on a PC, said
iSkoot CEO Jacob Guedalia.

Skype and iSkoot will market the application to mobile operators, who could eventually offer service packages that
include iSkoot, Guedalia said. ISkoot would share in that revenue, he said. Handset manufacturers will also be courted to
preload iSkoot on devices.

Skype's phone book has become an integral part of some users' lives, Guedalia said. The application allows the "ability
to continue to interact with a group of people that you used to have to be sitting in front of a computer to have access to,"
he said.

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