Digium Acquisition Shakes Up Open-Source VoIP

27 September 2007

Digium is stirring up the open-source community it helped create by
buying one of the vendors that has built an IP-PBX on its Asterisk VoIP platform.

Digium Thursday will unveil plans to acquire Switchvox, one of the many
SMB-focused vendors that have cropped up in recent years with products
built on top of Digium's open-source Asterisk VoIP software. Digium is
the primary developer of Asterisk.

"Switchvox gives us a more complete solution that scales to
several hundred users," said Bill Miller, vice president of product
management and marketing at Digium, Huntsville, Ala. "It's a turnkey
solution that doesn't require as much expertise to install. Many
installations are done remotely."

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