Better Quality Coming for Some Skype Calls

22 August 2006

Software that improves quality of free Internet calls is now available to more makers of Skype-enabled devices.

Software in the Skype PC client that enhances call quality is now coming to dedicated devices such as mobile phones that use the peer-to-peer voice service.

Skype originally worked just on PCs but is now available on devices such as cordless phones and ATAs (analog telephone adapters), which link traditional phones to broadband connections for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls. VoIP is now spreading to mobile devices such as dedicated Wi-Fi handsets and dual-mode cell/Wi-Fi phones. They give users a way to make mobile calls without paying for minutes and, in some cases, to get better call quality where cellular coverage is weak. Some mobile operators are looking to Wi-Fi as a way to effectively extend their coverage, spread out demand for data capacity, and keep customers happy.

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