Woize - a SIP based VoIP app now available for MS Smartphone : SmartphoneWoize Beta available now

Woize - a SIP based VoIP app now available for MS Smartphone : SmartphoneWoize Beta available now

January 25, 2006 [MS Smartphone]

Contrary to Skype, that is based on proprietary P2P technology (similar to the one in former Napster P2P), Woize is based on de facto industry standard in VoIP (Voice over IP) industry - the SIP.

Interestingly processors of speed 200 MHz that are in all smartphones and some slow Pocket PC devices, can handle SIP well, although they have problems or can't handle Skype at all. Since nowadays more and more MS Smartphone (the small brother of Pocket PC in Windows Mobile family) phones have built-in Wi-Fi, this SIP based Woize program may be a blessing...

Woize is digital telephony made simple. When signing up, you receive your own phone number that can be used from any computer anywhere in the world to call your friends and business partners at incredibly low rates. And they can call you - right to your computer!

SmartphoneWoize allows you to use Woize wherever your phone is connected to a WiFi network. The functionality of the application is similar to the PC and Pocket PC versions of Woize. Get SmartphoneWoize now and start calling other Woize, PocketWoize and SmartphoneWoize users for free!

Similarly like it is in Skype: Internet to Internet voice calls are free and calls to regular phone numbers are available at special rates (not free).

If you have a Pocket PC phone with slow processor (like HTC Wizard or HTC Prophet) you may consider using Woize too - there is a version for Pocket PC available too. Since these slow Pocket PC phones have problems to handle Skype voice calls, Woize may be the solution for you. Pocket PC version of Woize is here.

To learn more or to download this VoIP program for free click here (a version for MS Smartphone).

Credit: Marc Pell from MSMobileNews.com.

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