Vonage: No Interruptions Despite Verizon Injunction

26 March 2007

Vonage has assured its customers that it has a workaround in the event that Verizon obtains a permanent injunction, but Vonage has not yet released details of its plans in the event that a judge does not grant Vonage a stay against the Verizon injunction to block the use of its VoIP technology.

Despite a federal judge's decision to grant Verizon's motion for a permanent injunction, Vonage on Monday said it would continue to provide service to its 2.2 million customers.

Verizon sought the injunction to prevent Vonage from using its patented technology after a jury decided the company had infringed on its intellectual property. Vonage's trespass cost it $58 million plus possibly a percentage of future royalties. The company is appealing the verdict.

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