Two VoIP Products Offer Long Distance For Free

14 November 2007

MagicJack and ooma combine VoIP with your existing home phone service to provide you with free long-distance calls.

"Rent vs. buy" is a classic business dilemma. Is it cheaper to rent
office space or buy a building? Buy copy machines, or lease them? Now
there's a new one to add to the list: rather than pay for telephone
service by the month, why not buy a little hardware that delivers free
phone service for a year or more at a time?

New products from YMAX Communications Corp. and Ooma, Inc., do just
that -- they let you continue to use your existing telephones, but pay
a one-time fee for some digital hardware that uses VoIP.

Both deliver free local and long-distance calling in the United States
and Canada. The difference is that the YMAX MagicJack is cheap and dead
easy to use, but limited in its features. The ooma Hub is more
expensive and more complicated, but offers more features.

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