SpinVox Moves Into VoIP, Brings Voice-to-Text to Skype Users

01 August 2007

Voice-to-text provider SpinVox has inked a deal to bring its technology to users of Skype's internet telephony service. SpinVox says the service will launch some time before the end of the year.

Once the service is rolled in, when you place a call to a Skype user
who isn't available, you can leave a message which will be translated
into text and sent off to their mobile phone as a text message. Not
only does this make it easier to reach a Skype user when they're on the
go, but it's a bonus for the Skyper who is paranoid about missing
messages while out to lunch, on the road or somewhere other that in
front of the computer. Text messages can be forwarded to any mobile
phone or device.

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