Skype Tries to Soothe Angry Biz Users

13 December 2007

The Internet communications service wants to restore trust with its
business customers after it withdrew thousands of London phone numbers

Skype has sought to reassure its business customers they can trust it
in the future, despite the withdrawal of thousands of central London
numbers from its SkypeIn users.

SkypeIn is a paid-for function of the largely free Skype internet
communications service. It provides the user with a geographic
telephone number -- starting 01 or 02 -- which gives the impression the
user is located in the area of their choice.

Speaking to's sister site, Skype's VP of
telecoms, Stefan Oberg, shed further light on the circumstances leading
to the VoIP company withdrawing the numbers, and insisted Skype tried
to defend its customers' "best interests" throughout.

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