Skype Bug Locks Out European Users

16 August 2007

A software bug has affected Skype's network, preventing users in Europe from logging on to the VoIP service.

A software bug has affected Skype Ltd.'s
peer-to-peer network, preventing users in some parts of the world from
logging on to its widely used VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol)

The company, a division of eBay Inc.,
initially referred to the incident as a peer-to-peer network issue but
has since determined that it's a software issue, according to a company blog.

blog, updated at 14:02 GMT, said the company expects to have the
problems resolved within 12 to 24 hours. It advises users to leave
their Skype client running so they can be logged back in once the
issues are dealt with. The blog also said that downloads of Skype have
been temporarily disabled and that the company hopes to make them
available again as quickly as possible.

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