Jaxtr Signs Up 5 Millionth VoIP Customer

17 December 2007

All new companies should be lucky enough to have a launch story likethis one.  Jaxtr, which only became public this March, has announcedthat their membership base has grown 10-fold since this summer, goingfrom 500,000 users to hitting the 5 million mark this month.  That typeof growth puts them ahead of juggernauts like Skype, believe it ornot.  Jaxtrs service can be used for calls in over 220 countries now,allowing subscribers to make and receive calls without being subjectedto enormous international calling fees.

From their recent press release, Jaxtr is poised to benefit fromthe coming VoIP shakeout. The new wave of VoIP services allow users toenjoy the benefits and simplicity of placing phone calls through theirexisting phones by selecting a name from the contact list and hittingthe green send button, said Rebecca Swensen, research analyst, VoIPServices for IDC. Jaxtr has demonstrated that ease-of-use is a criticalfactor to bringing VoIP into the mainstream. Mobile VoIP calls nolonger require a PC or an Internet connection.


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