Jajah’s unusual pricing model means you talk for free -- unless you talk too much.

25 January 2007

In 2006, Jajah was named one of 11 “disruptors” by Business 2.0 magazine because it promises that you can make VoIP calls from your PC or landline phone without downloads or plug-ins—and even without having broadband. Jajah also avoids firewall problems since its calls travel entirely via Web protocols, rather than through a standalone software like Skype. And most interestingly, Jajah allows you talk for free, even internationally, even on a mobile—up to a point.

Here’s the drill: Enter your phone number on Jajah’s Web site, then the number you want to call. Press a button on the screen. Your phone rings and you answer, and then the person your calling’s phone rings and they answer. Simple and free, right?

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