Jajah Expands VoIP Service

16 July 2007

a move that underscores the need for VoIP companies to expand beyond
phone calls, startup Jajah on Monday announced that it is providing
click-to-call service to Internet dating giant eHarmony.


said the partnership is a good move for Mountain View, California-based
Jajah, as pure voice-over-Internet-protocol companies like Vonage and
SunRocket are in dire financial straits. “Voice for the sake of voice
is becoming a commodity,” said Yankee Group analyst Zeus Kerravala,“but
voice as an embedded part of the business process, like Skype does for
eBay, is much more attractive.”


New Jersey-based Vonage, which competes with traditional phone
companies, is fighting a number of lawsuits and facing bankruptcy.
SunRocket, of Vienna, Virginia, is also struggling and may shut down as early as this week.


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