Ignore the Skype hype

04 February 2007

NEVER use Skype to make a phone call. The Skype hype has led many to proclaim
that this piece of internet software, which allows web users anywhere in the
world to speak for free, will kill the telephone. Yet for ringing real
phones, it can cost up to five times as much as conventional calls.

Skype has been beautifully branded, and now many of us have learned to talk
over the net, it wants to direct us to its real profit centre: making web
calls to normal phones.

There’s no doubt Skype is the leader among Voip (voice over internet protocol)
providers, which allow you to speak over the web. With it, you and anyone
else, anywhere in the world, with a headset, a microphone and, preferably, a
broadband internet connection can talk to each other at no cost if they also
have Skype — well, apart from any internet connection charges that is.

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