Free phone calls for Christmas

14 December 2006

VoIP startup JAJAH is celebrating the Christmas season by offering free phone calls from any phone to any phone in North America, most of Europe and Asia on Christmas Day.

Here's how it works – JAJAH will connect between 2 and 10 parties in a single conversation with a regular or scheduled conference call. All you have to do is register at the JAJAH Web site and enter in the phone numbers of the people you want to call. You can then make the call right then and there (on Christmas Day), or schedule the call for Dec. 25 at a certain time. JAJAH will then call you at the scheduled time and all of the phones will ring. The offer lets people talk for up to one hour, so if you have a lot of people on the conference call you may want to speak fast.

If you're always forgetting to call different family members on Christmas, this is a great way to get one call that lets everyone speak to each other all at once.

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