Four million downloads - Is Globe7 a second Skype?, 21 April 2006

Four million downloads and counting - only a few months ago was an small unknown VoIP provider in the big pond with hundreds of other PC to Phone VoIP providers vying for the attention of potential future customers.

Launched at the end of July 2005, they have achieved the unbelievable feat of having their unique and free VoIP softphone downloaded almost 4 million times and over 3 million times in just the last 6-8 weeks - assuming that the counter on their website is accurate.

Not many companies can boast with this kind of achievement and maybe only Skype's growth rate was higher. Globe7 have a long way to go until they achieve the same popularity as Skype, but with their very respectable call rates (much lower than Skype), they are bound to attract a few million more customers and many of these customers will be from Skype hoping to save even more on their international calls.

Globe7 recently partnered with, forming a three year non-exclusive agreement, under which Globe 7 will power the new Lycos phone service. This partnership fuelled Globe7's growth and with the extensive media coverage their VoIP softphone went mainstream and is now a force to be reckoned with.

Their SIP based Softphone offers a host of features, which no other VoIP provider can claim their own, inlcuding Real time Video, IM, IPTV with Video on Demand, naturally Voice and a free incomming US phone number. Unfortunately this all comes at a price and the software to download is over 20Mb in size.

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