Digium Founder Steps Aside

01 February 2007

Asterisk developer, Mark Spencer,
founder and formerly President of Digium has stepped aside from the day
to day running of the company allowing Danny J. Windham, former
President, COO and Director of ADTRAN the role of CEO. The move marks a
more aggressive stance by the company who will likely use Windham's
expertise in the enteprrise telco space to advance the VoIP solutions

Spencer, the man behind Asterisk and Digium, the company
that manages the open source development project will take on the newly
created position of Chairman and CTO. Spencer said his new role will
allow him to "focus more time on the customers and the technologies
that will
accelerate Digium and Asterisk". In this role Spencer will continue to
the strategic vision and technology direction for the company as well
as focusing upon the development and growth of the Asterisk Community,
said the company in a statement.

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