VoIP: How to make calls abroad for free

03 May 2008

To cut your phone bill, and spend longer chatting to loved ones overseas, get VoIP, says James Daley

The cost of making a phone call has fallen dramatically over the past few years, with many landline providers now charging nothing more than the monthly line rental fee for customers who only use their phone to make national or local calls in the evenings or at the weekend.

Nevertheless, for those that make a large number of lengthy international or mobile phone calls – home phone packages can still prove pricey.

One solution to keep costs to a minimum when calling abroad, however, is to use one of the growing number of internet phone services – such as Skype, GoogleTalk, Vongage, BT Softphone (the list goes on) – which allow you to make calls for no or very little cost to anywhere in the world.

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