'Google To Purchase Skype?' Chatter Lights Up The Blogosphere

20 November 2007

A Google-Skype partnership would make sense on some levels because the companies have teamed up on some major issues.

Google and Skype, together at last? At least on some blog posts they are.

The rumor that Google might acquire Skype was started Monday in a blog on the U.K.'s respected Guardian and since then, the report has taken on a life of its own at investment firms.

Like many Google rumors there is no solid basis for any such speculation (remember the Google phone?). But it persists because there are some logical reasons for the two companies to establish a deeper relationship.

"Currently in favor around London's webbist community is the rumor that Google has been in negotiations to buy Skype," wrote Guardian blogger Jemima Kiss. "Google bases all of its mobile projects in London, so this is the fitting place for such a rumor.


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