Funding Innovation or Keeping the Lights On?

31 August 2006

Chalk it up to it being near the end of many a fiscal year, but the funding announcements from telecommunication companies have been coming fast and furious this month. Here's what's likely an incomplete list:

  • Digium, $13M;
  • Motricity, $32M;
  • Netcordia, $10M;
  • SentitO Networks, $6M;
  • Ocean Broadband Networks, undisclosed;
  • Trapeze Networks, $30M;
  • Bluestreak Network, $8M;
  • Wireless Service Corporation, $30M;
  • Force10, $50M;
  • Azaire Networks, $21M;
  • Ranch Networks, $1M (in a grant from the New Jersey Economic Development Authority); and
  • SunRocket, $33M.

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