Finding The Features That Make VoIP Worthwhile

20 October 2007

Lots of talk about unified communications this week, thanks to Microsoft.
But what CIOs really need to know is which feature will cause fellow
execs to utter these words: "For that feature alone it's worth doing
this system." I've got two examples.

Twice I can remember CIOs using exactly those words to describe what
their colleagues told them about different features in their newly
implemented unified communications and voice-over-IP systems.

One CIO of a health-products distributor, cited voice mail that shows up in an
e-mail in-box. That lets people listen to the v-mail from their boss
before the one from their dry cleaners. (We've got a review up this week of services that let you do this.) Colleagues stopped him in the hall to say how much time it saved them.

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