China, India will lead in mobile market by 2011: Study

23 April 2007

The report, by Global Insight, the world's leading company for
economic and financial analysis and forecasting, compares the world's
20 leading developed and emerging markets between 2006 and 2011, and
predicts that over the next five years, market penetration of wireless
services will grow from 34.8 percent to 69.1 percent in China and from
13.4 percent to 31.0 percent in India.

According to the report,
China will also outpace the other 19 markets in terms of broadband
growth, accounting for more than one-third of the 350 million-plus new
broadband subscriptions.

By 2011, China, with broadband
revenues of more than $19 billion, will surpass Japan as the world's
second-largest broadband market.

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