21 May 2007

3 Italia launches 'International No Limit': 5 cents per hour to call from Italy to 23 different countries in the world.

15 euro/month for 300 hours of calls, up to a maximum of 10 hours of calls per day.

3 Italia, the first Mobile Media Company in the Italian market with 5.5 million clients at the end of 2005, launches 'International No Limit', the offer based on VoIP Technology, to call from Italy towards 23 Countries in the world for only 5 cent/hour, up to a maximum of 10 hours/day.

Thanks to 'International No Limit', in fact, with only 15 euro for the activation of the service, 3 Italia customers will be able to make international calls up to a maximum of 10 hours/day for 30 days without any set up charge, when under 3 Italia direct coverage.  In case of GPRS coverage the normal international tariffs from the 3 tariff plans are applied.


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