Brits baffled by geek speak

06 October 2006

Britons who have embraced the online and digital world still struggle to keep
up with the blazing rate of change in information technology, according to the
latest research from


The MegaPanel UK Digital Consumer Survey for September 2006 reveals that,
while many are actually using news feeds, 69 per cent have never heard the term
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) the generic name for the technology behind news
feeds. VoD (video on demand) rings no bells with 75 per cent, wikis are meaningless to
70 per cent, and IPTV draws a blank with 69 per cent.

"There is a significant tendency for the industry to over-estimate consumers'
knowledge and understanding of the seemingly limitless new terms and products
out there," said Alex Burmaster, European internet analyst at

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