Adults becoming more aware of VoIP
By: Antone Gonsalves, 12 April 2006

The data suggests that broad marketing efforts on the part of providers are working, but more needs to be done to reach people in particular demographic groups.Over the last nine months, the number of adults in the United States and Britain who have heard of voice over Internet protocol has increased to about half from just over a third, but a substantial number remain ignorant about the technology, a research firm said Tuesday.

The percentage of adults familiar with VoIP grew to 46 percent from 37 percent in Britain, and to 51 percent from 36 percent in the United States, according to a survey of about 2,000 adults by Harris Interactive.
A substantial number of adults, however, were unaware of the technology. Fully, 41 percent of the respondents in Britain never heard of VoIP, and 36 percent in the US. Women were far less likely than men to know about VoIP, 28 percent to 57 percent in Britain, and 34 percent versus 62 percent in the US.

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