USA - VoIP Affiliates and Resellers

USA - VoIP Affiliates and Resellers
Below you will find all Broadband Phone or PC to Phone VoIP providers in the USA offering either VoIP affiliate, VoIP reseller  or refer-a-friend programs. Should you feel that we have excluded any VoIP companies please let us know.

US VoIP providers are the international champions of VoIP affiliate programs and many companies also offer some sort of VoIP reseller or agent programs. This is maybe also the origin of the exponential growth and acceptance of VoIP services in the US and to a certain extent also in Canada.

VoIP Provider Country Affiliate Reseller/Agent Refer-a-friend Remarks
Globe7 USA  
USA Probably one of the highest paying  in the VoIP market currently
Vonage Broadband USA
TimeWarner USA USA Axvoice affliate program
1 Internet-Phone USA
AccessOne USA
Aico USA
Axvoice USA Axvoice Affiliate Program      
BlasterPhone USA
BPTelcom USA
Broadline USA
BroadVoice USA You have to be a customer first
BuddyTalk USA
CallCentric USA
CallOnThe.Net USA
Cavalier USA
Covad USA
D-Link USA
Digilinea USA
DingoTel> USA  
Earthphone USA
Ecuity USA
elthe USA
Expatphonehome USA
Globaltel USA
Go2Call USA
HowzitOnline USA
iConnectHere USA
infeetalk USA Link currently deactivated on webpage
Innervoip USA
InPhonex USA
InstaTalk USA
INX (Int. Number Exchange) USA
Invivni USA
IPN Communications USA
Lingo USA
Lunaphone USA
Mconnect USA
MeritCall USA
MutualPhone USA
my people USA
NeoVoz USA
net2phone USA
NetZero USA
Nikotel USA
Onyx-Concept USA
Phoneopia USA
Quantumvoice USA
Rapidtel USA
rocketVoIP USA
Rubicon USA
ryantech USA
SkyNet USA
Soyo USA
Speakeasy USA
Speed Calls USA
StanaPhone USA
Sunrise Voice USA
Sunrocket USA Only if already a customer
SuperNetTel USA
TalkETalk USA
telepacket USA
TelTel USA
TerraCall USA
thaitel USA
think bright USA
tufone USA
Viper Networks USA
Virtual Phone Line USA
VOIC USA Seems like a MLM model?
voiceglobe USA
Voiceral USA
VoiceRide USA
VoiceStick USA USA Only for US citizens
Voxby USA
VozOnline USA
WIPphone USA
wordphones USA
Zingotel USA
Zivva USA
Last Update: 25 February 2006

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