Switzerland - VoIP Affiliates and Resellers

Switzerland - VoIP Affiliates and Resellers 
Below you will find all Broadband Phone or PC to Phone VoIP providers in Switzerland offering either VoIP affiliate, VoIP reseller  or refer-a-friend
programs. Should you feel that we have excluded any VoIP companies please let us know.

Looks like Swiss VoIP companies do not put much faith in VoIP affiliate programs and focus on resellers and agents to market their services.

Country Affiliate Reseller/Agent Refer-a-friend Remarks

Dynamic Phone Switzerland
e-fon Switzerland
Econe phone Switzerland    
green.ch Switzerland
guest-voip Switzerland
i-voice Switzerland
ipcall4u Switzerland
onephone Switzerland
sipcall.ch Switzerland
VTX Switzerland
Switzernet.com Switzerland $17.50 $7.5/month, free calls to USA, UK, FR, DE, CH
Update: 02 October 2007

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