VoIP Affiliate and Reseller Programs

VoIP Affiliate and VoIP reseller programs allow consumers and businesses to start selling VoIP service to their friends, families, and business associates.

VoIP affiliate programs and VoIP reseller programs are one of the many marketing tools used by VoIP providers to recruit new subscribers.

As MyVoIPProvider grows, we want to make sure that our users can have as much knowledge as possible about VoIP. So, we've set about compiling lists of all the VoIP providers in the world - and one of the ways to break down those lists is by which providers do (and do not) provide VoIP affiliate, VoIP reseller, and Refer-a-friend programs.

Obviously, these programs are subject to change and we can't always keep up on which VoIP provider is offer which affiliate services to whom for what. Please inform us, via our contact form, of any VoIP providers that have changed their affiliate offerings from what we've listed here. Also, let us know when they go out of business so we can safely inter them in our VoIP graveyard.

If you're interested in joining the VoIP industry as more than a customer, our listing of affiliates and resellers is the place to start.

VoIP Affiliate Programs

An affiliate program allows a website owner to place banner advertisments on their website.

Depending on the program, affiliates are rewarded for every visitor, subscriber and/or customer provided to the company through those efforts.

With such a program, VoIP affiliates are typically paid once for every new customer they sign. Sometimes, affiliates are offered a recurring income for a new subscriber (as long as the subscriber keeps up service, the affiliate receives payment).

VoIP Affiliate Tracking

Typically, with a banner advertisement affiliate program, a VoIP provider offers affiliates a banner and a specific click tag (usually by a parameter placed in the link's url). When the affiliate refers a visitor (say, by a click on an banner on their site), the VoIP provider will usually drop a cookie on the visitor's browser, so that the affiliate can get proper credit for a successful conversion (if the visitor signs up for service).

Affiliates are typically paid in batches after reaching a specific monetary threshold ($100, $200, $300, etc).

Some VoIP providers run the affiliate programs themselves and others use third party services.

VoIP Resellers and Agent Programs

Most VoIP providers offer reseller /agent (some are called distributor) programs.

With a reseller program, the provider offers packages for the potential VoIP resellers to set up their own business.

Reseller/agent programs vary between providers. Some offer turn-key websites while others only offer reseller's access to their back office.

Reselling involves a lot amount of work - you are becoming a VoIP provider and starting a business. VoIP consultants can help you get your business set up.

VoIP Refer-a-Friend Programs

"Refer-a-Friend" programs allow existing VoIP subscribers to refer family and friends and receive one or two months service for free. A few VoIP providers also offer the free month or two to the new subscriber, upon referral.

Phone.com, for example, has always offered a "refer-a-friend" program.

Currently, the program works this way:

For every friend that signs up with Phone.com Virtual Office, you’ll get a $50 credit to your account!

For every friend that signs up with Phone.com Virtual Number or Phone.com Home Phone Plus service, you’ll get a $15 credit to your account!

Additional details

This is a mass emailing tool so don't annoy your friends. However, if you know someone buying phone service (or moving), you  might as well do it. Right?

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