What are the advantages of using VoIP services?

There are several advantages using Voice over IP (VoIP), including the availability of advanced features that standard telephone systems are not capable of and the ability to have a phone number usually associated with a particular local area anywhere in the world.

But the biggest single advantage VoIP has over standard telephone systems is cost and especially international calls using VoIP are substantially lower than making calls using traditional telephone networks. Depending on the destination of your call, savings of up to 90-95% are not uncommon. Using our VoIP rates search engine with a database of almost all providers in the world you can, at the click of the button, find the cheapest VoIP provider for your favorite destinations. You will notice that the differences are substantial even between VoIP service providers.

One further advantage, which will become much more pronounced in the very near future with the acceptance of VoIP together with the availability of broadband connections internationally, is that calls between users of the same VoIP system or provider are almost always free of charge to both parties. You can talk as often and as long as you like for free.

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