Can I use VoIP to replace my standard phone line entirely?

Yes, but a few factors have to be kept in mind when using VoIP as your exclusive phone line.

These include:

· If you can't get a phone number in your local area, your neighbors' calls to you will be long distance for them, unless off course they are also VoIP enabled

· If your internet connection is down (power failure, server problems etc), you will lose your phone service as well

· While voice quality is almost as good as with traditional phone lines, there may be occasional glitches such as echoes and slight delays. Not unlike using cellular phones.

· If you have a DSL broadband connection, you will still need a traditional phone line into your home.

· Your phone number will not appear in the traditional phone book or directory assistance.

· Downloading a large file off the internet while on the phone can cause significant call degradation, or cut the phone call altogether. This is usually only the case with slower internet connections.

· It may be difficult for some VoIP services to seamlessly connect with the 911 dispatch center or identify the location of Internet Voice 911 callers

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