Compare and Rank VoIP Providers - Find your VoIP Providers Rank to any destination

Find your VoIP providers Rank to specific destinations

Unlike our Search Option 1, which allows you to find the cheapest broadband phone or PC to Phone VoIP provider to any destination, this feature allows to to choose a VoIP service and a destination from our drop-down menu and compare the VoIP service to the rest of the world.

The results will provide you with a comparison and ranking of your choosen VoIP provider to a specific destination as well as the average VoIP call rate and the most expensive VoIP provider. This feature can be very useful if you have already signed up with a VoIP service provider and and you would like to check and compare your current VoIP call rates to other VoIP providers. This feature will give you an immedate overview of how your  VoIP service compares with the competition.

For a quick overview we also provide a verdict on the current prices and use the following terms:

Excellent - The VoIP rates are among the top 10% in the world.

Very Good - The VoIP rates are among the top 25% in the world

Average - The VoIP providers rates are average (25-75%)

Expensive - These VoIP providers rates belong to the bottom 25%

Very Expensive - These are the worst rates (most expensive VoIP rates) on the planet (bottom 10%)

Any VoIP call rate within the Top 25% can be regarded as reasonable and it is only a matter of personal choice and quality of service of the specific VoIP provider. We do not believe in a once off review and rating of a specific broadband phone company or PC to Phone VoIP provider.  Far more we would would like to encourage you, the user of various broadband phone or PC to Phone VoIP services, to provde your own personal experience and rating of your current VoIP provider. This will help new VoIP users in their decision making process.

Should you have any past or previous experiences with any broadband phone or PC to Phone VoIP provider please take the time to leave your personal view and rating in our VoIP directory. The VoIP directory is broken down into countries and VoIP providers ans you will easily find your VoIP provider.

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