VoIP Top 100 Ranking

VoIP Top 100

World's 100 cheapest VoIP providers

Welcome to the worlds first Top100 ranking of international VoIP providers.

This VoIP Provider - Top100 Ranking is based on the international
calling rates of all
VoIP providers (Broadband providers or PC to Phone providers) in our
database relative to the calling rates of other VoIP providers.

that the ranking does not give any indication of the quality of
customer services or call quality and is intended purely as a
guideline. If you require further information on the methodology of our
ranking please click here.

This VoIP ranking will give the user an indication of a VoIP providers
overall pricing strategy and will immediately give away VoIP providers
taking consumers for a ride.

 As an example we would like to highlight the pricing of the German VoIP
provider GMX.de. This provider has extremely competitve rates within
Germany and these rates are heavily advertised. Yet one only has to
have a closer look at their international rates, then you will see
immediately that once an unsuspecting consumer has signed up for their services they
are taken for a ride. GMX's international call rates are the most
expensive to many destinations in the world and substantially higher than the
average. Our ranking immediately reveals this attempt of consumer
ripoff. Although GMX.de are ranked Number 2 in the world for Germany
they rank 156 overall.

If you make regular international calls to certain destinations we
would always recommend that you use our search engine (Option 1 or
Option 2) to find the cheapest VoIP providers. Then cross check with our VoIP-Top
100 list to find out how your choosen provider compares with the rest.

The VoIP Provider Top-100 Ranking is updated everytime a new VoIP provider is
inlcuded in our database and everytime a provider decides to change
their international call rates. Not every provider informs us on the
changes, so sometimes it may take us a week or two to find out. There
will always be movement in this list. Small changes to international
call rates will however not have a major influence on the ranking.

Please contact us know if you find a VoIP provider with updated rates.
We aim to keep the list up to date with the latest data. 

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