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Xpander Communications offers a comprehensive suite of VoIP phone solutions for businesses only. Our mantra is: "Not just a phone system... A better life for your business" which means we provide whatever businesses need, whenever they need it! A true VIP treatment of our business customers means we focus first on making sure our existing business customers are happy before we invest any energy in bringing on new customers. Xpander has its own software development team in house which allows us to execute our mantra and also allows us to meet the needs of small & medium business, sales centric call centers, customer service based call centers, and medium to large enterprises. What this means in telecom terms is that we provide the “phone lines” with unlimited calling, DID phone numbers, PBX/key telephone system functionality via Hosted PBX, and CRM call center applications that can be added a’la carte.

What are your best features?
  • The ability to see who is on/off the phone directly on your telephone screen, even across company locations.
  • The ability to set yourself to: Busy, Be Right Back, Away, Out to Lunch, Do not Disturb directly from your phone so the rest of the company can see on their phone or on our web portal if you are available or not. This is especially useful because you can view this information from across company locations.
  • The ability to monitor and listen in to live calls as well as enter a “coach” mode which aids in the training of new team members. This can be done from the web so you can literally listen and coach people across locations.
  • The ability to record phone calls on the fly, or use a record all mode to record any call you want.
  • The ability to setup voice mail boxes that belong to not just 1 person, but groups of people with email notifications going out to the whole group.
  • The ability to search through half a year worth of call logs, and click 2 dial phone numbers directly from the web portal.
  • The ability to compare organized call statistics on your team members that tallies how many total calls, total talk time, inbound calls, inbound talk time, outbound calls, outbound talk time, with visual rankings over any desired period of time.
Which of your services are you most proud of?

We are most proud of our CUSTOMER services. The ability to make VoIP work in a business environment requires the highest level of customer service the telecommunications world has ever seen. A complete VoIP solution, including a hosted and web enabled multi-location PBX phone system, requires elite customer service at all phases of the customer relationship, it never stops, and Xpander never stops!

What sets you apart from other VoIP Providers?

The fact that we are not just a phone system or phone solution, we are a better life for your business! Our web and software tools that come with our hosted PBX phone system are all designed in house, which means we can literally wrap custom features around our customers until they’ve got everything they’ve ever dreamed of and running at the maximum level of efficiency. We are every bit as much a software company as a VoIP phone company!

What is your best plan? What comes with that plan?

We don’t have confusing plans or up charge for features. If you’re an Xpander VoIP customer, you get it all by default! Unlimited US and Canada calls, along with every feature in the book, with no contracts or commitments. We like to make things very easy for our customers!

Which area do you provide your service to?

We provide phone numbers in the entire 48 contiguous US states along with unlimited calls within the US and Canada. We have customers as far as Nepal, Southeast Asia who want to have an American telephone number and do business with the US and Canada, so in that scenario we are also global. Our VoIP phone network is so good, that even customers half way across the globe experience nothing but the best voice quality.

What advice would you give new VoIP users considering switching from POTS to VoIP?

Do your homework, and don’t go with the cheapest provider. Voice over the internet is a completely different ballgame and requires one of 2 things. Either a very knowledgeable I.T. person on staff or a provider that will bring you aboard in a stepwise manner that promotes quality of service. The best advice I can give is to ask for 3 customer references of companies that have at least 5 telephones in their office location. Speak to them about the installation and service and hear it from the horse’s mouth!

Can you name 3 advancements that greatly enhance VoIP? Or 3 advancements that could/would enhance VoIP?
  • An internet router/firewall that is built for VoIP. If you are looking at VoIP, and you have a significant number of phones, you must have an awesome router or firewall that is built for VoIP use.
  • A network switch that is built for VoIP use. If you are looking at VoIP, you must have a network switch that was designed to operate with VoIP phones plugged into it.
  • Fiber optic and high speed internet lines such as Verizon’s FiOS or the new aDSL2+ technology. Basically, we are all seeing a nationwide boost in internet connections to business offices that are going to allow for literally hundreds of VoIP phones to operate behind just one internet connection.
Also, what are your latest and greatest products?

Stay tuned for this, we are about to release a new version of our software that is going to include features that nobody else has!

Do you have any exclusive promotions for VoIP Review, MVP users?

Yes, currently, for a limited amount of time, we are offering brand new FREE Polycom IP320, IP330, and IP501 VoIP phones, with no contract or commitment required. Contact us for details and mention the VoIP review or My VoIP Provider with your inquiry! This has never been done before, no other provider has ever given away free phones. We feel we need to do something in this economy and this is what we have come up with! Contact us ASAP to capitalize on this.

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