Xnet- Provider of the Month July 2009

What are your best features?

Simple features are often the best, and customers have very much highlighted our voicemail service with call notify and voicemail to email functions that come standard with our Xnet VFX (Virtual Fone Xchange) service.

Recently the additional of a 2nd number/ fax to email service as an add on to the VFX service has also proved popular – especially with home businesses.

VFX also comes with a desktop feature manager – an application that is free to VFX users that sits on the desktop that allows changes to the main features; call forwarding, voicemail settings, address book, call logs – right from a customers PC, rather than having to log into a web portal.

Which of your services are you most proud of?

Xnet Fusion: a complete home line replacement, featuring Full Line Speed (FLS) DSL broadband and a fully featured VoIP line. This was the first package in New Zealand to provide a full replacement from the Incumbents analogue line for residential customers, and has provided very popular.

What sets you apart from other VoIP Providers?

Service. Although VFX and Fusion is competitively priced and full of features, it is the level of service that differentiates WorldxChange in the market place. This stems from the product being robust and reliable – through countless hours of testing by our technicians and only allowing certified equipment to be used with VFX - to award winning customer and help desk support. Applications, such as the VFX Manager described above, and online billing services is an extension of the service supplied to the customer.

What is your best plan? What comes with that plan?

Xnet Fusion, a bundled package which includes:

a.    FLS/FLS broadband

b.    VFX VoIP phone line

c.    Full features: Anonymous Call Rejection, Call Forward (always, busy, no answer, unreachable), Voicemail (including call notify and voicemail to email), Call Hold, Call Waiting, CLI delivery, Last Number Redial, 3 Way Calling, Speed Dials.

d.    The ability to keep your existing number when changing from your current provider.

e.    Set you own data cap, and only ever pay for what you use.

f.    Online billing and account management.

g.    VFX Manager application.

h.    Some of the lowest calling rates in the market.

Plus additional services such as a 2nd line, Advanced Features and Fax to Email.

Which area do you provide your service to?

New Zealand residential and business customers - although this has now branched to ex-patriot New Zealanders using the service from offshore.

Apart from VoIP services, WxC supplies toll bypass and ISP services, including Broadband connections. WxC supplies SIP trunks to larger business customers with IP PBX or converter functionality.

What advice would you give new VoIP users considering switching from POTS to VoIP?

Comparisons are relatively easy to make in terms of both features and costs, but hardly anyone takes the time to investigate. Costs are always lower when moving from POTS to VoIP, and you get more features.

Fishhooks tend to be retaining your existing number (especially for established businesses) and hardware or install costs (don’t go too cheap on the hardware!!).

Generally the issue is apathy – not wanting to move away from an incumbent – and getting someone to consider the service.

Can you name 3 advancements that greatly enhance VoIP? Or 3 advancements that could/would enhance VoIP?

3 items that would assist our VoIP service:

Access: last mile in New Zealand is still expensive, slow and in some cases nonexistent.

Hardware: although improving all the time, cost effective VoIP devices are the largest cost barrier to change to these services.

Feature driven: Currently VoIP is still sold on cost. Moving to the customer selecting VoIP on a service or feature basis is difficult. Things like HD Voice will help here, but only at the right price. PS more features are not the answer for the mass market.

Can you tell us a bit about your company and provide a brief background on the company.

Founded in 1996 as part of a multinational operation, WorldxChange Communications made an immediate impact on the telecommunications industry in New Zealand. From day one the company has set the pricing standard by which others are judged. Now 100% NZ owned (since 2001), WorldxChange Communications continues leading the way with the same management and operations team that started it all.

Our commitment to price and service means that WorldxChange is constantly evaluating new technology and developing additional commercial partnerships in order to maintain our edge. When you choose WorldxChange as your telecommunications supplier you are assured that you chose a company with 'real time' billing and a switching system designed to recover in the event of any failure. In WorldxChange you will have a communications supplier that is dedicated to service and has a commitment to saving you money.

Also, what are your latest and greatest products?

Some of the product mentioned above are only recently launched, for instance the VFX Manager was only officially launched in May.

Do you have any exclusive promotions for VoIP Review, MVP users?

No, we are pretty good already!

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