VoIP.ms - Provider of the Month

What are your best features?

Our advanced control panel with industry-first feature, provides instant configuration of call queues and IVR, among many useful options that allow our service to fit your needs.

Very competitive prices and a two-tier call service.

The set up is very simple, making it fast and easy for our customers use.

We provide one of the largest selections of US, Canada and International DIDs. We offer more than 7,000 rate centers in U.S, including many starting at $0.89 per month on a per minute plan. We also offer more than 400 rate centers in Canada and more than 1,000 in international markets.

Availability of an advanced reseller interface where the client can have their own unbranded website with including rates and packages.

Which of your services are you most proud of?

Our control panel makes us the most feature-rich provider, it allows you to set up useful options such as sub accounts, voicemail, call forwarding, failover destinations, call queues, IVR, ring groups, time conditions and we plan to keep adding new exciting features on a continues basis.

What sets you apart from other VoIP Providers?

Our friendly support staff goes all the way to help you setup the service quickly so you can you can instantly access via live chat in 3 languages: English, French and Spanish.

We also help you with basic configuration for your PBX server if needed.

Our customer have the option to choose their Point of Presence, among our 7 servers in USA, Canada and UK to connect to the one with lower latency and expect the best sound quality with every call made.

What is your best plan? What comes with that plan?

We offer US DID numbers starting from just 89 cents per month in our per-minute package, and we have Canadian DIDs are available for only 1.99 per month.

We also have a flat-rate plan for USA and Canada DIDs ($7.95 and $8.95 US monthly respectively) intended for residential users.

Which area do you provide your service to?

We have clients in over 135 countries and have DID’s available for many countries, so the world is our market. We also offer A-Z termination at very competitive prices.

What advice would you give new VoIP users considering switching from POTS to VoIP?

Research about the different services available and its features, so you can choose one according to your needs.

Reading online reviews about the providers will help them take a good informed decision.

Can you name 3 advancements that greatly enhance VoIP? Or 3 advancements that could/would enhance VoIP?

The advent of more cell phones supporting VoIP will help improve the reach of VoIP technology.

The rise in broadband connections in developing countries will increase number of users of VoIP services worldwide.

The quality of the VoIP calls through newer codecs is an improvement that greatly enhances the user experience.

Can you tell us a bit about your company and provide a brief background on the company.

We are a company founded in 2007 with our main offices in Montreal and a support office in Mexico. Our main purpose is to offer the best rates, a vast selection of DIDs worldwide and friendly customer support.

Also, what are your latest and greatest products?

We are the first VoIP provider with a complete interface that offers support for call queues and IVR with instant configuration. Advanced features are being added constantly to our service to keep ahead of the competition. Listening to our customers when planning what features to implement, also gives us the edge above the other providers.

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