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With a no-nonsense name like, one would expect pretty straightforward VoIP service, and that’s exactly what you get. doesn’t play any games or have any hidden fees to stress out over, and is an excellent choice for either business or residential VoIP solutions. Since they supply both major sectors of the VoIP market with excellent service and low prices, has earned their position as November’s VoIP Provider of the Month.


For as little as $12.50 monthly, you can have a home VoIP phone system with over 45 incredible standard features. Choose any area code that you like to masquerade as a local caller in another town, or simply keep your current number to save friends and family the headache. There are no setup fees, and the service even comes with a free 2-line phone adapter, compatible with any standard phone.

Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX services from are perfect for smaller businesses that can’t afford to purchase or maintain their own Private Branch Exchange system. Businesses can remotely access a PBX system for as little as $17.95 each month, and can upgrade to an international calling plan for $24.95 monthly. Both plans allow for unlimited calling, and the International plan includes 75 countries on their list.

SIP Trunk’s SIP trunking packages allow businesses to connect existing IP-PBX servers to a vast origination network and flat-rate domestic termination. Complete with toll-free calling services, Direct Inward Dialing, and even VoIP 911 capabilities, SIP trunking is the way to go for upgrading existing business phone systems. SIP Trunking is even available as a wholesale service from as well.

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