Provider of the Month Vincomm

What are your best features?

VinTalk's Find Me Follow Me is a great feature. Callers only need one phone number to dial while a VinTalk user can program the system to ring multiple numbers. For example: A caller will dial a VinTalk user's office number and the system will additionally ring a mobile number, home office number or support staff. VinTalk users only need one number printed on their business cards.

Which of your services are you most proud of?

VinTalk prides itself on "customer experience", we take pride in the service we offer when transitioning a customer over from traditional phone service to VOIP hosted solutions.

What sets you apart from other VoIP Providers?

VinTalk has a wholly-owned and operated global telecommunications network. We built it, we've expanded it since its inception in 2001, and we're invested in continually expanding our footprint, and our services. Because we own and operate our own VoIP network, our customers get the confidence of stability and flexibility - we're not beholden to the vagaries of larger telcos and cable companies.

What is your best plan? What comes with that plan?

VinTalk's Premium Hosted Line Service offers unlimited calling to 19 countries for a fixed monthly rate. Included in the plan is: US, US Virgin Islands, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, Mexico City - Guadalajara - Monterey Mexico, France, St. Petersburg - Moscow Russia, Germany, Spain, Norway, Sweden, China, China(Cell), Singapore, Singapore(Cell), Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Buenos Aires-Argentina, Hong Kong, Hong Kong(Cell), Malaysia, Portugal.

Which area do you provide your service to? OR are your plans available globally? Please explain.

That's the great thing about VinTalk Hosted VoIP solutions! We are not geographically constrained. We can provide service anywhere high speed internet service is available.

What advice would you give new VoIP users considering switching using VoIP on their cell phone?

Remember your wireless carrier is still going to charge you for airtime usage so look into an unlimited usage plan. Also, if you are going to use your cell phone with VoIP for international calling, test out the call quality before signing up for a long term plan. VinTalk's cell phone product is called VinCall. VinCall uses only the best retail routes for international calling so when our customers are making an important business calls the quality is superior.

Can you name 3 advancements that greatly enhance VoIP? Or 3 advancements that could/would enhance VoIP?
  • Less expensive and more options for high speed internet connections.
  • More feature rich services that now can compete with traditional phone systems.
  • Research and development into high quality IP Phone handsets.
Can you tell us a bit about your company and provide a brief background on the company.

Vinculum Communications is a leading provider of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), delivering reliable, cost-effective, integrated voice and data services to small and medium businesses. At its heart a telecomm company, Vinculum (Latin for “bond”) initially built an extensive private VoIP network to serve domestic and international wholesale communications carriers, through which it has terminated billions of minutes of service since 2001—then leveraged that framework with its proprietary Vintalk™ switching technology to bring a wealth of scalable features, flexible packages and low-cost long-distance calling to the retail market. VinComm’s rapidly-expanding global footprint and software-driven infrastructure sets the standard for building sound connections. For more information on Vinculum, visit

Also, what are your latest and greatest products?

VinTalk has really enhanced the end user portal. The portal can really serve as a phone dashboard to facilitate a user’s call activity and integrates with Google contacts. The user portal also has a receptionist console which eliminates the need for costly, bulky side cars for the IP Phones.

Do you have any exclusive promotions for VoIP Review, MVP users?

Mention MyVoipProvider when you contact us and receive 20% off all up front costs and 10% of Monthly Recurring Service

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