Toktumi - Provider of the Month, August 2009

What are your best features?

Our new line2 application enables seamless integration with smartphones, allowing a truly mobile PBX experience. Our customers can have two lines on one cell phone - their Toktumi line and their personal line. It's revolutionary.

Which of your services are you most proud of?

Our PC softphone is simpler, yet more powerful, than any of our competitors, and the voice quality is superb. It allows you to access the system anywhere you can connect your laptop to the Internet, even overseas. Also, there are no firewall hassles: we use proprietary techniques to ensure it will work behind any firewall, so your calls will always get through.

What sets you apart from other VoIP Providers?

The fact that we offer a quadruple-play of services that every small business needs: cell phone integration, PC-based calling, fax, and desktop-share, all integrated with a powerful hosted PBX system with multi-line support. We are the only provider to offer all these services from one company.

What is your best plan? What comes with that plan?

Our best plan is that we have one plan! We offer a local or 800 number with unlimited calling for only $14.95/month. No minutes charges, no extra fees, no hidden charges. Pricing simplicity. Fax can be added for only $9.95/month, also unlimited, and desktop share (like webex) can be added for only $6.95.

Which area do you provide your service to?

United States and Canada, as well as people overseas who want a US phone number for their business or personal use.

What advice would you give new VoIP users considering switching from POTS to VoIP?

What are you waiting for? Your competitors have switched and as a result their company looks bigger and more professional, their employees are more productive, their customers are more impressed, and their costs are lower.

Can you name 3 advancements that greatly enhance VoIP? Or 3 advancements that could/would enhance VoIP?
  • Broadband proliferation
  • Proprietary voice quality software, such as ours, that allows great call quality even over loss-prone networks like Wi-Fi.
  • Hosted services, such as ours, that eliminate the need for people to buy phone system hardware
Can you tell us a bit about your company and provide a brief background on the company.

Founded in 2006, San Francisco-based toktumi has created the most affordable, full-featured virtual home office phone service available to help mobile entrepreneurs retain the flexibility, professional image, and proper home/work balance they need to lead successful lives. Toktumi is distributed nationally by Dell and

Also, what are your latest and greatest products?

Line2, the smartphone application mentioned above, launching on the iPhone and Blackberry in July.

Do you have any exclusive promotions for VoIP Review, MVP users?

We offer a 30 day free trial and through July 31 are offering lines at just $14.95 per line for unlimited US/Canada calling. VoIP Review and MVP readers can get an additional $10 off their first month by entering promo code 628280955

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