Terra Sip - Provider of the Month

Terrasip, is a young company which is privately owned and operated based in Spain. We offer global VoIP service created and supported by a team of cutting-edge software developers in Germany, Spain, California, Romania and India. Terrasip offers high quality VoIP telephony for much less than most service providers. Additionally, we offer value added VoIP solutions like Callshop Management Software, Free Call Buttons, Phone2Phone solutions, SMS service and much more. Our main focus is geared toward mobile internet telephony incorporating Voice over WLAN or VoWLAN for short.

What are your best features?
  • very cheap rates,
  • easy setup including softphones which are also available for free download
  • DIDs, DDIs, International Telephone Numbers - TerraSip offers virtual phone numbers in more than 5000 cities and 60 countries around the world
  • Phone2Phone - Web-activated phone calls with one click - call anyone, anywhere using your regular phone (landline and mobile) - SMS for 4,9 cent, worldwide one price
  • TerraSip’s ‘Free Call’ Button is the first toll free VoIP number, a bell push for homepages.
What sets you apart from other VoIP Providers?

TerraSip is the first provider worldwide to offer a quality upgrade for consumers ‘on demand.’ To simply upgrade ‘on demand’ an account is always adjusted to the most favorable TerraSip price list. However, if a client is not content with the quality of a destination, he can easily swap to high quality for a single call by dialing a prefix.

What is your best plan?

All of our plans are great because we offer least cost routing and the cheapest rates available on the market worldwide.

Tell us about your company latest products.

Our latest product is a mobile application with an easy to use phone2phone solution. Users can simply visit our website from a mobile phone and login to gain access.

Do you have any exclusive promotion for Myvoipprovider users?

Stay tuned details to come.

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