Provider of the Month:

Want a quality home and small office phone solution? Look no further than PhonePower allows users to wield the power of a big business phone system from the comfort of their own homes, at about ⅔ the price of a traditional landline home phone. PhonePower also provides unique features that other VoIP providers can’t compete with, like enhanced 911 and backup failsafes that keeps VoIP working even when the Internet goes out. That's why PhonePower is MyVoipProvider's Provider of the Month for October 2013

Home Phone

For just over $8 a month, homes and families can enjoy making unlimited phone calls anywhere in the US or Canada. PhonePower also lets subscribers keep their old phone numbers, so that nobody has to change their contacts lists or even be aware of a phone service change. Even the most basic plan comes with an hour of free international calling every single month, to a selection of over 50 different countries. Thanks to analog-to-digital adapters, you won’t even have to upgrade to an IP phone if you’d rather use your old phone.

Home Office

PhonePower’s domestic plans already come with a free 2nd phone line, allowing customers to keep their business and their home lives separate. Upgrading to a fully-fledged international plan allows home offices to make business calls all over the world, for under $15 a month. This plan lets businesses call Internationally for up to 20 hours every month, and comes with over 45 free features. These features include a Voicemail box, call forwarding, hold music, caller ID with name and more.

Small Business

Have a small business with a few more employees? PhonePower has it covered. Their hosted PBX services offer customized, multi-line packages, as well as the PBX system to manage the extensions. The best part is that businesses who follow this model don’t have to spend thousands of dollars buying a PBX system of their own, and instead can just remotely access one that PhonePower manages for them. Small businesses that already do have a PBX can also upgrade their phone system to VoIP with a $55 SIP trunk.

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