Phone Power - Provider of the Month

MyVoIPProvider is proud to congratulate Phone Power as our first Provider of the Month. We sat down and had a brief interview with Jim Murphy, President of Phone Power. With the advancement of internet phone service Phone Power has been growing steadily in the VoIP world.

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Tell us a bit about your company.

Phone Power has been in business since 2005. We cater to a wide range of customers, from residential phone service all the way to massive call centers. We pride ourselves in offering a quality, reliable product, at an affordable price. All our customer service is US-based, available seven days a week. Our fully redundant calling network processes millions of minutes of calls every week.

What are your best features?

I believe our best feature is our MyAccount customer portal. It allows customers access to everything from downloadable call logs and invoice history, to detailed call control and what we call “Power Forwarding”. Our customers are very active in giving us feedback on what they would like to see, and much of what is there now came off customer wish lists.

What sets you apart from other VoIP Providers?

Basic telephone service has been around for over 150 years. And the traditional phone company has never needed to compete with anyone until recently. As a next-generation telephone provider, you need to set yourself apart by enhancing the customer experience and showing them value. Existing customer referrals account for 17% of all our new accounts, which we believe is a testament to our high level of customer service. Referring a friend or family member is the highest compliment we can get.

What is your best plan?

I believe our $9.95 per month promotion is our best plan. It allows a customer to try out the service with very little risk. And within the first 30 days, they can change to any other new-customer promotion, like the Annual prepay plan, if they choose.

What advice would you give new VoIP users considering switching from POTS to VoIP?

Check the provider to make sure they offer true E911 capability in your area. And make sure your broadband internet connection (DSL or Cable internet) is VoIP capable. Wireless, Satellite and “enhanced” dial-up internet won’t support VoIP.

Tell us about your company latest products.

Although we are best known for our residential and small business offerings, we’ve recently rolled out a comprehensive set of Hosted PBX plans. This allows businesses from 2-200 employees to have all the features of a high-end phone system without the cost of purchasing and maintaining one. We include unlimited calling with all plans. We find that businesses are saving from 50-70% on their telecom expense with our service.

Which area are you providing your service to?

We provide local numbers in all US states except for Alaska and Hawaii, but we have customers in every state, Canada, and even as far as India.

Do you have any exclusive promotion for Myvoipprovider users?

Use the promo code POWER10, they get 10% off their initial order.

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