Betamax Overview

Overview Betamax and Finarea

Betamax GmbH & Co KG ( is a company registered in Cologne, Germany.

In December 2005 it took over all of the VoIP services previously run by Finarea SA, and has since added a few more VoIP services. With one exception, all of these services offer the same features; the only difference seems to be in the rates charged to various destinations at any one time, and in the color scheme used on the web pages and soft phones.

There are some indications that Betamax might just be a front for Finarea which still operates traditional PSTN call-by-call services in a number of European and Asian countries.

For more information on Finarea's current call-by call services in various countries, please check the following page: Finarea Call-by-Call

Betamax, specifically, are sporadically using banners to advertise a dial-through operator in the US.

The service can be found at and they offer very cheap international call rates, but only to  residents of California. Betamax / Finarea may be expanding into the US through DAR Communications, the registered operator of

While it is registerd in the name of DAR Communications Corporation, the contact address is, and belongs to TVIConnect, who hosts all of the Betamax Voip services. In addition DAR Communications have applied for a telecomunications license in Canada.

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