Betamax Introduction

Betamax VoIP Services

The Betamax group of VoIP services is made up of +/- 20 apparently different companies. Many users do not realize that VoIPBuster,, Netappel, SIP Discount, Voipstunt, Sparvoip, Internetcalls, Voipdiscount, Poivy,,,,,,,, and others are all part of the same group. A recent addition is also a Web activated VoIP service at and a sms service at

This summary gives an overview of all the VoIP services, all possible SIP settings, supported Codecs, Free VoIP-IN numbers, Betamax infrastructure as well as validity of credits and free VoIP calls.

Here you will find a summary of all Betamax current free VoIP destinations (updated 2-3 times per month). These "Free" destinations change almost on a weekly basis and the Betamax group have the habit of changing their rates almost on a weekly basis.

Special Thanks: A lot of this information was provided by Wolf Paul in Austria, who can no longer maintain this information and has requested us to continue and some of it was translated from German from the IP-phone-forum, which was compiled by Karsten.
Please note: We are in no way associated or affiliated with the Betamax group of companies
Further Note: In the past few months we have received numerous requests from users of the Betamax VoIP services to help with unauthorized credit card charges from this company. We CANNOT help you. Just as they will never respond to any requests / emails from you they also do not respond to our requests to facilitate. It also appears that they have even shut down the only Forum for advice and complaints on Voipbusters website.
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