Free VoIP Calls and credit validity

Free VoIP Calls

Once you have downloaded the softphone from any of the VoIP services and you have signed up and received your username and password you will be able to make free calls for up to one minute to any free destination on the VoIP providers current list.

The limit seems to be around 30 minutes before you will have to add credit to your account. Once you have added credit (and your personal details) you will be able to make free VoIP calls to any of the current free destinations.

It used to be "unlimited", but the limt has now been reduced to 300 minutes per week, which is still an excellent deal.

A free VoIP-IN number will also be made available to you if you live or provide an address in one of the countries offered. All rates include 16% VAT. If you live outside of the European Union, or provide an address outside of the EU then not VAT is applicable.


Forced Disconnections

Calls longer than 30-60 minutes are normally disconnected. You can however dial the number again immediately after the forced disconnection.


Validity of your Credit

Your credit expires after a certain period. Currently the credit is valid for a period of 120 days. The exception here is Here the credit is only valid for 90 days.

The minimum credit is 10 Euros. Smaller amounts are possible if you use the Pay by Phone option, however the credit may only be valid for 7 days (not recommended). It is possible to extend the validity period of your credit, by adding more credit (Minimum 10 Euros) to your account before the old credit expires. It then is available for a further 120 days.

Make sure to spend the money on mobile calls or non "Free destinations" before the credit expires. One hates to give money away for nothing. All VoIP providers do however send you a notification 30 days prior to expiry of your funds and the remaining duration is also listed when you launch your Softphone applcation.

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