Virtual PBX

A virtual PBX is a Private Branch Exchange phone system that operates through the Internet. A virtual PBX routes incoming calls to a business's appropriate extensions. You do not need to purchase or maintain hardware or software to use a virtual PBX system.

A virtual PBX is a good choice for small to medium-sized businesses that want all the benefits of cheap Internet calling, but do not want the responsibility of an in-house PBX.

Featured Business Provider
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Small Business VoIP Phone Systems
  • 40+ Built-in Features
  • In-house Customer and Tech Support
  • Reliability of the Vonage Cloud
voip provider- jive Jive - Unified Communications
  • 24/7 US Support
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calling
RingCentral VoIP Cloud Powered Business Phone System
  • No cost for activation
  • Unlimited faxing, SMS and calls
  • 30 Days of Free Service
Broadvoice Cloud PBX Business Phone System
  • Unlimited Calling (US and Canada)
  • US Based Support 7-Days-a-Week
  • 30-day money back guarantee
Virtual Office
  • #1 Market Leader Award
  • Unlimited Calling (US and Canada)
  • Includes softphone & mobile app
Business Hosted VoIP Alliance Phones for Business
  • Intuitive Control Panel
  • 25 minute easy setup
  • Daily call report
VoIP Studio Hosted PBX
  • A hosted IP PBX
  • Versatile and inexpensive
  • Business USA

Benefits of a Virtual PBX System

With numerous technical advancements, there are many sophisticated features incorporated into virtual PBX phone systems to maximize efficiency.

Virtual PBX providers handle all of the maintenance of the virtual PBX so businesses are free to, well, take care of business. Here are some of the many benefits of a virtual PBX:

  • Auto attendant
  • Call routing
  • Multiple extensions
  • Enchanged voicemail
  • IP faxing
  • Automated greetings
  • Conference calling
  • Calling logs
  • Dial-by-name and dial-by-number
  • Find Me/Follow Me
  • Voicemail and voicemail-to-email
  • Text message notification
  • Music-on-hold
  • Toll-free numbers

Virtual PBX systems are very affordable because businesses do not need to purchase or maintain any hardware. Most virtual PBX system providers offer call packages at an inexpensive or reasonable flat monthly rate. Plus, most plan integrates mobile devices, which are considered part of the business’ virtual system.