The Overlap of CRM and Call Center Software

As technologies continue to develop in the areas of communications and customer support, different types of software and hardware systems have begun to overlap due to integration. Previously independent of each other, the roles of customer relationship management (CRM) and call center software have definitely begun to overlap.

Voip Rivalries: Skype & Google Voice

If you want a home phone for personal calls, or if you run a very small, home-based business, you might be fully satisfied with a very low cost VoIP solution from Skype or Google. While there are many VoIP service providers that target residential and small business clients, few people actually need premium VoIP service.

The 411 on VoIP Islands

Legacy telephone systems ruled the world of telecommunications until a decade ago. With the advent of Internet, the transition from legacy telephone systems to IP based phone systems became the norm. VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) PBX boxes began replacing legacy PBX boxes in many places. An isolated PBX box using VoIP technology is generally referred as a VOIP PBX.

VoIP Terminology Breakdown

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an excellent technology that can allow its users to send and receive phone calls using the Internet. For some time, this technology has become more and more popular, becoming more commonly known as an Internet phone in the last nine years.

VoIP Supports the Distributed Workforce

Companies in most industries today are able to allot the workload to employees who work from home or are across seas. Allowing time for business trips and having the luxury of working remotely are options available to workers thanks to the growth of the web and advancing technology.

3 VoIP Uses You Might Find Surprising

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services are not just growing technologically, but they are growing in variety of usage as well. As VoIP becomes more popular, subscribers in the residential and business VoIP markets keep finding new ways to use VoIP services.

The Best Money-Saving Tips for Business VoIP Customers

When businesses are looking for VoIP services, they actually have a little more power than they think. Traditional telephone companies are so set in stone that they never budge on their prices or services, but VoIP companies are a bit more lenient. Depending on the provider and the size of the potential deal, many companies have bargaining chips that they might not be aware of.

Say Goodbye to Landlines: VoIP Takes Over the Business Telephone World

Traditional landline telephone systems have been a mainstay in business communications for over a century, and are still based off of technology developed in the late 1800s. Isn’t it about time for an upgrade?

The Cheapest Residential VoIP Providers That Make Calling Egypt Easier Than Ever

The turmoil that Egypt and its surrounding area is facing has made staying in contact with friends and family more important than ever. When loved ones are separated by thousands of miles, staying in contact becomes a priority.

The Best Reasons to Use SIP Trunking and Switch to VoIP Today

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems use the Internet to route phone calls through a much cheaper network than traditional landlines use. However, simply picking a VoIP provider and forgetting about it doesn’t make the most out of a business VoIP phone system. There are many ways to save with VoIP, and one of the best is with SIP trunking.

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