Small Business VoIP Provider

Small business VoIP providers offer solutions to make managing business communications more efficient.

Small Business VoIP Providers

Small business VoIP solutions have become a prominent part of the VoIP market since 2007. VoIP providers recognized the need for small business VoIP solutions and started offering specialized service packages aimed at small businesses. Fast forward to today, and the large number of small business VoIP providers available is a clear indication of the success of small business VoIP solutions.

Small business VoIP solutions are doing well because business VoIP service brings many advantages to workplace communications:

  • Lowers monthly phone bills
  • Lowers long distance and international calling rates
  • Unifies your data and voice communications under one system
  • Delivers sophisticated call management features on a small business budget

Small Business VoIP Solutions

Small businesses want the feature sets of large businesses, but the high cost of the PBX hardware makes it difficult to afford. A private branch exchange (PBX) is the hardware that separates the phone lines into extensions and creates an office communication network. The PBX also adds call management features to the business phone system.

Hosted PBX

To make PBX functionality affordable to small businesses, small business VoIP providers purchase the PBX hardware and lease it out for a monthly fee, which is known as hosted PBX. The provider maintains, configures, and troubleshoots the PBX hardware so you don't have to. VoIP service and PBX use are bundled under the one monthly fee. A hosted PBX plan starts at $20 a user.

Small business VoIP solutions have many advantages for workplace communications.

Small Business VoIP Phone

The phone used with a small business VoIP phone system is called an IP phone (or sometimes just a VoIP phone or an Internet phone). IP phones are phones built to be compatible with IP networks and the plug into the Internet connection, not the traditional phone line.

IP phones start at $90 and go up to a few hundred for a sophisticated executive handset with a display that supports color picture caller ID. IP phones can often be purchased from small business VoIP providers when signing up for service. Small business VoIP providers partner with the hardware distributors to get discounted prices on small business VoIP phones for their customers. and have good deals on IP phones and some of the $90 models are slashed down to $75.

VoIP headsets are also available as a hands-free option for users that want to multitask.

Finding the Best Small Business VoIP Provider

The large amount of small business VoIP providers available means competitive pricing and feature sets, which gives the consumer an edge in finding a small business VoIP provider that is a great value.

To find the best small business VoIP provider you will need to identify your call needs and patterns. Find providers that include the features and services you need. Compare the costs to make sure you don't pay extra for features that are included by another provider. Lastly, research all potential providers as much as possible.

Check their websites for plan details, international calling rates, and available features. You can read business VoIP provider reviews on to gain insight on customer satisfaction levels, service reliability, and voice quality.

Read our VoIP service provider selection strategy for more information about finding the best small business VoIP providers.

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