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Stop paying long distance rates and roaming charges today! If you’re tired of being overcharged by your phone company, consider a cheap VoIP provider to start paying less for great, comparable service.

Not only can you get great service for a cheap price, you’ll start having access to a variety of additional features that only a VoIP provider can offer! Call internationally for as low as $0.03/minute or check your voicemail messages through your email. Take your number with you whenever you travel and stop worrying about an expensive phone bill when you get home. Call clarity has greatly improved and the quality of sound can rival any landline no matter where you are. Cheap providers make the enticing additional features of VoIP even more appealing for residential and personal use!

Already trusted by small businesses, Nextiva is a cheap VoIP provider that also has great residential coverage. For as low as $16.25/month with no set up fee or per minute charge, you’ll be saving hundreds on your next phone bill by using inTALK by Nextiva. Or check out ViaTalk’s plans that boast a monthly fee of only $8.29 after a one time set up fee of $29.95. Sign up for VoIP service through a cheap provider and start saving money today!

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