Calling Cards

If you frequently need to travel internationally, or if you have family in another country, then you probably already know a lot about calling cards and how to use them. However, you may not have explored the alternatives to calling cards for international calling.

Many VoIP providers offer international services calling that are often cheaper and easier to use than calling cards.

Residential VoIP providers better than a calling card

What are calling cards?

Calling cards are prepaid phone cards that you can use to make international calls. They allow you to go around your telephone service provider when making international calls to avoid expensive international calling rates.

Traditional phone service providers charge you by the minute for international calls. An international calling plan with a traditional phone service provider may save you some money, but even so, rates per minute are very high.

How does a calling card work?

When you want to use your calling card, just call the 800 number on the card. This call connects you to the company that hosts your calling card. You then dial the phone number you want to call and that company hosts your international call.

These calls can be much cheaper than calling with a standard service provider, and they can be used with any phone, computer, or calling device.

How much could you save by choosing a calling card?

With Speedy Pin phone cards, you would spend about $0.009/minute on a call to India. With AT&T, that same call would be much more expensive. Without an international calling plan, that call would be $3.49/minute. But even with a plan that costs $3.99/month, you would still pay $0.32/minute.

SpeedyPin costs 32 times less than AT&T for the same type of call.

Calling Card or VoIP?

Before choosing a calling card for your international calling, you should compare them with the services offered by VoIP providers for international calling.

Many VoIP service providers have developed features that allow you to bypass the calling card for your international calling.

All VoIP providers offer very low rates for international calls. They are able to charge very little because all calls made with a VoIP service are basically local calls. That is, connection of a call is so fast and easy with a VoIP service, the charge for transferring a call is the same for almost any location in the world.

Whereas SpeedyPin charges $0.009 a minute for a call to India, VoIP providier VoIPo charges $0.02 a minute for call to India. Okay, that’s 2 times more than calling via SpeedyPin. However, VoiPo gives 60 international calling minutes every month (which includes in India).

So, 100 minutes of calls to India is cheaper with VoIPo than SpeedyPin (after 100 minutes of calls, SpeedyPin becomes a better deal). Also, with VoIPo, you can just dial the number in India -- you don’t need to worry about a calling card PIN or dialing an 800 number. Furthermore, VoIPo offers a $7.95 a month package for 1,200 international minutes (around $0.006 a minute).

So, VoIP providers allow you to make calls at a comparable rate to leading calling cards. Plus, you only pay for what you use (with a calling card, you normally pay a specific prepaid amount, $10 to $20).

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