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The next big thing in smartphones and VoIP technology is emerging out of the East Coast.

Whether it's a small paper company in Pennsylvania or a medium-sized software provider based out of Texas, many businesses can benefit from having the appearance of a large corporation.

Emerging from the haze of telephone wires, dial up tones, and chat rooms, the FCC is unsure of its place in the new Internet phone world.

By Adam Simpson, Founder and CEO of Easy Office Phone

As VoIP providers offer countless calling features, it’s easy to lose track of all of them.

There is very substantial savings to be had in replacing traditional analog and digital PRI lines with SIP trunking.

When businesses change to VoIP phone systems, they get more than a little pocket change in return.

Facebook phone calls--it’s not just for Canada anymore.

Guest Blog by Justin Stoltzfus

By: Nathan Miloszewski | Communications Manager | VoIP Supply

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