calling with an IP phone

3 Ways VoIP Keeps Callers Engaged

by Ion Mae Escalante

Few things are more frustrating than being put on hold on a help line -- with the exception of bad hold music or being unnecessarily transferred from one agent to another.

mobile apps and VoIP

Communication is key to a business’ success.

mobile VoIP employee

Technology has greatly revolutionized the workplace--it has made it possible to bring the work to the worker, instead of taking the worker to the work.

voice over IP telephone

A VoIP phone system is used by businesses both large and small for a number of reasons.

business voice over IP phone

The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is the old-fashioned phone system that paved the way for communication.

business VoIP call

Business VoIP is an all-inclusive phone solution that helps businesses be more productive while saving money at the same time.

business VoIP calls

Voice over Internet Protocol, commonly referred to in the telecommunications world as VoIP, is a phone solution that is affordable, flexible, and technologically advanced.

business VoIP phone

VoIP providers are popular for their voice quality and affordability. A part of that comes from the productivity features they include with their Business VoIP plans.

calling via a computer

My mother often calls my sister in college via Skype, and I can hear them yelling at each other through their computer screens when I happen to be visiting mom.

As technologies continue to develop in the areas of communications and customer support, different types of software and hardware systems have begun to overlap due to integration.

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