Small Business Phone System

With all the choices available for your small business phone system, MyVoipProvider offers reviews and popular phone plans catering to the small business. There are many money saving benefits to switching to a VoIP phone system whether you decide to go with a hosted or on-premise IP PBX system.

Get big business phone features for your small business with a hosted PBX system from VoIP providers that allow you to add, remove and manage your phone system easily with a few clicks of your mouse. In most cases, the hosted system is the most cost effective and can typically save your small business over 70% off a tradition business phone system. This type of small business phone system is also ideal for home based business where a high-speed Internet connection may already be available.

Other options for a business that may be a bit larger than SOHO (small or home office) may be to convert the existing business phone system to be compatible with IP technology to transport voice communications by way of SIP lines. In this scenario, you would keep your current internal business phone system and only purchase the equipment necessary to convert to voice over Internet protocol outside of the small business.

With the advancement of Internet phone service, small business phone systems can now have all the features and capabilities of a large corporation. Make your small business appear cutting edge with a national reach through the use of toll free numbers, multiple extensions and even auto-attendant by switching to a hosted IP phone system.

Phone systems for your small business by way of Voice over IP are increasing in popularity, reliability and affordability. In many cases, your small business can save 70% of your current phone bill and the phone systems can usually be installed with little effort and a minimal initial investment. To start saving big with your small business, consider switching to a hosted PBX solution and avoid the high cost and hassle of traditional business phone systems.

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